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If I Had Some Magic

If I had some magic
I would set it free,
And make just one wish:
People happy to be.
I'd build a big castle,
And make it a home
For all of those souls
That are somehow alone.
I'd cancel the laws
That forbid saying love words,
I'd transform the system,
And turn the world upwards.
So that every woman,
So that every man
Could tell what they feel
And could be what they can.
I'd make words "I love you"
The song of the heart,
Let people repeat them
As long as they want.
Let no one to suffer,
Let no one to cry,
Let no one to fake
And let no one to die.
I'd make people better,
And teach them to care,
Destroy all the evil,
And send it to nowhere.
If I had some magic
I know what I'd do:
I'd share it with someone
Who believes in it too.

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