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The other part of me

Planet turning, people passing by,
No one asked me if I want to fly,
No one bothers if I'm feeling sad,
But even if I told them
They wouldn't understand that.

It's not so easy to open my soul,
I am a mystery to this grayish world,
I have a secret deep in my heart,
A fairy tale, which no one knows about.

My dreams are pink and sometimes naive,
I feel the things that no one can feel,
I'm not ashamed of what I am,
One has to be different
Because colors sometimes end.

Somewhere inside me there is a child,
So free and open, so careless and wild,
It doesn't know no fear and regret
But everyone forces me about it to forget.
Who cares about money? Who cares about fame?
Day by day it's always the same.
Life is useless, boring and dark
When you walk through it without your other part.

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