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Another sunny day

All things are said and done,
I'm staring at the sun,
Living the moment that exists -
The life we have is only one.
Send worries far away,
There's nothing more to say,
Smile to the sky above,
It's another sunny day.

Let problems return to the ground
So they can't bring you down,
They are only empty air
So why should we really care?
We build our life stone by stone,
And call this place a home,
So instead of rocks of sorrow
Better lay bricks of tomorrow.

Follow the signs – they're your hint,
And listen to the wind,
Doesn't matter what you do -
Everything depends on you.
Don't be scared to give love a start,
And carry it in your heart,
Spread your wings and you will see:
It's so easy to be free!

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