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до електронної бібліотеки Інституту журналістики

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Things we never try to change

Thinking about the blackness
Of the world around.
If one wants to speak out
Need to make a sound.

Focusing on grayish,
Useless little things.
Guess, people have forgotten
That they are human beings.

The violence and sufferings
We meet with every day
Make us despise our lives,
And turn into a slave.

The clouds have closed the sun,
And it no longer shines.
All colors disappeared,
And darkness rules our minds.

When writing books of lives
We fill them out with tears.
This story always lies -
We're hiding our fears.

We're just condemning fate,
And never do a thing
To change this stupid life to good,
And sing! Just sing! And sing!

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