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Life’s the same

An ordinary day, my city's all the same,
It doesn't seem like something's changing to better or worse.
There are many ways to start your life again,
But you should better warn the world about it first.
Wanting to be good isn't just enough,
Have to fight for what you think is right.
Believing isn't all - trust means much more pain,
But if you do not trust the wind you'll never now the flight.
Betraying is a thing we feel but cannot see.
Forgiving is too hard, but that's the way it has to be.
And you know it, and I know it,
And the entire world knows it!
An ordinary day, and nothing's going wrong,
My life's the same, and once again I'm wondering: "Why so?"
Sitting all alone, singing this strange song…
God, it feels so good to be here in this life, oh-oh!

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