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Lets rap & hip-hop

Hi-ya, dudes, wazzup? Hows life?
Its boring here Need a little hi-fi?
Better listen up cuz my name is Crazy,
Im wild, Im mad though sometimes lazy.
Im gonna tell you stories,
Just keep it cool no worries,
Me and my friends are here to party,
Hang out your ears were starting!

Come on lets rap and hip-hop,
This beat is bringing us up,
Words stop only if I lose my microphone,
Music drives us crazy until the break of dawn.
Come on lets follow this sound,
Turn our lives upside down,
Words will only stop if I forget the rhyme,
But this will never happen so crazy one more time!

Im just a girl, who likes to rock,
If my parents hear me they will be in shock,
Glad that these are words they cannot understand,
Whenever you agree with me raise and clap your hand.
Shake bodies, move your asses,
Sick of the school and classes,
Need a little rest so take your chances,
Lets do the crazy dances!

Do I sound like Eminem?
Im not like him but still can try again,
Have no special voice so cannot sing, you know,
But reading rap is something that will help me make the show.
The world is rapping, hopping,
The planets turning, jumping,
Although my words have no special meaning
Cant stop me now from singing!

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