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So what if you dont like me?

Im sorry for bothering but hey, whats your problem?
Its not my fault that you dont like me the way I am.
Well, sorry if Im not a photo model with long legs
So that you could walk beside me hiding your complex of height.
Maybe Im not too pretty to hang my picture on the wall,
I may not have the voice to sing opera after all.
Im not like someone you know, like the girls on the magazines cover.
Theres so much what Im not! But does that really bother?
Theres so much what I am! But you cant see the inside,
And these are not the things I am trying to hide.
If body means more to you than the soul
Dont think I will cry for what doesnt worth tears at all.
I have myself, and you you dont have it,
Feel sorry for you because youre the one wholl regret it.

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